Cool Basil


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Pet-ables are 100% Natural Handcrafted Pure Vegetable based Handmade Soaps

Refreshing sweetness of peppermint and lusciously rich moisturizing lather in this all-natural herbal handmade soap is soothing while it gently cleanses your pet. Imagine wearing a fur coat in the heat of a mid summers day. Your pet will love cooling off in an herbal bath with the pure essential oil of peppermint and the herb of basil in the very rich moisturizing qualities of avocado oil.

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Handcrafted Natural Vegetable based Handmade Soap. Hand cut to approximately 4oz. Minimum 3.7oz.

Earth Drops Handcrafted Soaps are 100% Natural and Handmade, always have been, and always will be.

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Weight 4 oz


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