Sweet Olive


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Earth Drops are 100% Natural Handcrafted pure Vegetable based Handmade Soaps.

Sweet Olive has a very fresh sunshine aroma in a rich full lather with great big bubbles, it just surrounds you in its natural goodness. I have been asked many times over the many years that I’ve been making soap, “What is my favorite”, I alway’s answer, “They are all my babies, but ‘Sweet Olive’ is the only one that I made just for myself”. This is the second recipe that I sat down so many years ago with pencel and paper to calculate. This soap recipe and the Sweet Olive name has never changed over the many years and it is still partial to me.It is soft and little sweet but not over powering. It’s gently soothing and relaxing. A friend of mine whom, “whent” by the nickname, ‘Monk’ described the aroma of this bar of soap as resembling the fresh smell of bed sheets hung out in the summers’ breeze to dry. Then he looked me in the eyes and very seriously said that it smelled so good, he thought that he just might eat the rest of it. Quite the compliment, for Monk being a very dear, and special person, that just loved to partake in good food. Please, this is soap! Do not eat.

Ingredient Information

Handcrafted Natural Vegetable based Handmade Soap. Hand cut to approximately 4oz minimum 3.7oz.

Earth Drops Handcrafted Soaps are 100% Natural and Handmade, always have been, and always will be.


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