Coco Cedar Swirl


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Earth Drops are 100% Natural Handcrafted pure Vegetable based Handmade Soaps

To many, the scent of cedar conjures up memories of the past, precious family heirlooms stored away in a safe place, like a chest made of cedar. Special items like the quilts that my granny kept in her cedar chest. When I was ten years old, one of my grandmother’s gave me this little jewelry box made of cedar. She told me to keep special things in this box, like the little black onyx cameo pendent, and the string of pearls that she’s since given to me in my teens. So many years later, all of these things are still in that special little cedar box pictured here. Cocoa is said to have 2x as many antioxidants as red wine and 3x than that of green tea. The uses of cocoa beans are many, in powdered form, it’s brings a smoothness to the texture of our natural handmade soap. Sometimes it’s merely used as a natural colorant in foods as well as skin care products. Spruce is said to relieve stress, but also recommended for sore muscles, aching joints, and muscle spasms.

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Handcrafted Natural Vegetable based Handmade Soap. Hand cut to approximately 4oz, minimum 3.7oz.

Earth Drops Handcrafted Soaps are 100% Natural and Handmade, always have been, and always will be.

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