Mocha Maple Cream


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Earth Drops are 100% Natural Handcrafted pure Vegetable based Handmade Soaps.

Mocha Maple Cream contains ground coffee to exfoliate dead skin cells. Milk to make a creamy lather and real maple syrup that is reputed to have humectant properties. The pure essential oil of cinnamon that has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in combination with the sweet floral aroma of the pure essential oil of Ylang Ylang gives this bar a very sassy and rich flavor. Old-timer’s, my grandmother included, saved their coffee grounds to rub their hands in to absorb cooking odors such as onion and fish. I was refurbishing an old picture frame and got paint thinner all over my hands. I used this bar to wash with, the paint thinner smell was completely gone and my hands didn’t get dried out from the harshness of the paint thinner. Other’s that have used this bar have told us that it works real well removing diesel fuel and also the smoky smell from fighting fires. We have used this to help remove the smell of Skunk from our dogs and many of our customers reported back that it worked for them also.

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Handcrafted Natural Vegetable based Handmade Soap. Hand cut to approximately 4oz minimum 3.7oz.

Earth Drops Handcrafted Soaps are 100% Natural and Handmade, always have been, and always will be.

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